A high fantasy setting using forgotten realms pantheon from the DnD 5E PHB. It’s said that the world started it’s life as a small orb of light. Before the waters, the hills, the wide open sky, or even the molten core, Tavia is believed to have been a star in the heavens, given the gift of life by the gods and godesses themselves.


Tae Voaen

     The first of all known cities, from the seat of the wood elves, all other sentient life was born. Titles of which include: “Seat of The Trueborn” “The Blessed Trees” “The City of Refugee’s” and lastly “Sanctuary”.


     The Trueborn, were the first of the Wood Elves, who supposedly had the ability to meld into the tree’s themselves. Nymphs and Tyms are the said to still exist. The souls of the forest given flesh to delight in companionship.